Why are names being changed?

We are making things clearer

The new naming system makes the product range breakdown clearer and easier to understand across all product categories. We are closing gaps and following a consistent rationale, thereby creating added value for all our customers.

Everything is becoming more uniform

Products that did not previously have a name are being given a product designation and meet requirements in each of the convenience levels. This makes the V-ZUG range clearer. Planning will be simpler for dealers, and consumers at home will have the premium Swiss quality they are used to.

The well-established will remain in place

Brand names that are long established in the marketplace, such as Adora and Combi-Steamer, are essential to the V-ZUG brand and are therefore being retained.

The new system

Our new naming system is uniform, clear and comprehensible. What is changing exactly? Products that did not previously have a name are being given a designation. A hood is now called AiroClear, for example, hobs are becoming CookTops and our refrigerators Coolers. The new naming system always follows the same conceptual structure also shown alongside on this page.

Composition of the product designation

The first part of the name denotes the product name. This part is either the existing name, an amended version of it or a newly defined name. In the case of combined products, Combi is used as a prefix (a steamer with a cooker function will become the CombiSteamer). The product function is an optional, additionally descriptive element that is translated into German, English, French and Italian.

The second part of the product designation is derived from the level of convenience. Appliances in the Advanced Line have a three-digit number (V200 / V400 / V600) and appliances in the Excellence Line a four-digit number (V2000/ V4000 / V6000). V stands for V-ZUG. The level is determined from the range of functions and the price.

The Hero name

Products featuring exceptional innovation are being given a Hero name. For example, the hob with a built-in range hood is a new product that qualifies as a Hero and has thus been given the name Fusion.

Advanced and Excellence Line

We divide our products into two segments:

Advanced Line

Simple, robust, nice, proven and modern. Products in this segment combine high quality and a simple range of functions. Due to their longevity, they are particularly suitable for rental accommodation. With a harmonious appearance, the Advanced Line offers a sophisticated point of entry to our product range with a promise of quality and reliability.

Excellence Line

This segment is geared to customers who demand the optimum in design, functionality, energy efficiency, robustness, longevity and performance. Products in this line are innovative, precise, reliable and lavish. Featuring high-quality materials and a purist design, appliances in this line fit perfectly into any kitchen design.

Time line

In 2019 and 2020, the range is scheduled to undergo major change, giving us the perfect opportunity to implement the new naming system, too.
We will launch some of the range with the new product names in 2019. In 2020, the second phase will see a complete transition to the new naming system across all product categories.

What is changing in 2019

  • Much of the textiles care range – for example, AdoraWaschen (Adora Washing) V4000, AdoraTrocknen (Adora Drying) V6000
  • The new ovens and cookers – Combair V200 / V400 / V600
  • Some new hobs will become CookTops – for example, CookTopInduktion (CookTop Induction) V4000
    – The first new hoods will be called AiroClear – for example, AiroClearWand (AiroClear Wall) V4000
  • Some refrigerators – for example, CombiCooler V4000

Do you need help navigating your way around the new naming system during the transition phase? The following tools are available to you.



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