The system

The story behind it

Making things clearer

With our distinctive naming system, the breakdown of our product range across all categories is now clearer and easier to understand. This way, we are closing gaps that have emerged over the years, pursuing a consistent logic and creating added value for all of our customers.

Striving towards uniformity

Products that previously did not have a name now have a product designation. This makes our range clearer. For retailers, planning is easier, and end consumers can enjoy the premium Swiss quality to which they are accustomed.

Established names are retained

Brand names that have already been established on the market for several years, such as Adora, are essential to the V-ZUG brand and are thus being retained.

Advanced and Excellence Line

As a full-range supplier, we offer products at the high-quality entry-level point (Advanced Line) as well as in the upper price segment (Excellence Line).

Advanced Line

Simple, robust, appealing, reliable and modern – these attributes are characteristic of our products in the Advanced Line. Their high quality, simple functionality and durability make them ideal for rental apartments.

Excellence Line

The Excellence Line is aimed at customers with the most exacting requirements in terms of design and functionality. Products in this line are innovative, streamlined, elegant, precise and dependable. Customers with the highest requirements in terms of function, performance, energy efficiency and design choose products in this line.


The new naming system is consistent, clear and easy to understand. It always follows the same logic. The naming always specifies the product name and convenience level, while certain product names also include a code or a Hero name.

The product name

The first part of the name describes the product name. This part is either the existing name, an adaptation of this, or a newly-defined name. The prefix Combi is used for combination products (a steam cooker with oven function is designated Combi-Steamer). The product function is an additional descriptive element which is translated into German, English, French and Italian.

The convenience level

The second part of the product name is derived from the level of convenience. Appliances in the Advanced Line have a three-digit number (V200 / V400 / V600) and appliances in the Excellence Line a four-digit number (V2000 / V4000 / V6000). V stands for V-ZUG. The respective convenience level is derived from the range of functions and the price.


In categories with a large number of products, an additional code is used to differentiate between specific appliances. This is shown after the convenience level and consists of both letters and numbers that describe product-specific information such as niche height, type of installation, technology, standard width or functions.

The Hero name

Products that are exceptionally innovative are given a Hero name to ensure they stand out. For example, our FullFlex induction hobs, which offer maximum flexibility when cooking by allowing the user to freely position up to six pans.

The changeover

The new naming system is being rolled out for all product categories in a process that will take several years. We have been gradually introducing the system since 2019, thereby ensuring a smooth and sustainable changeover of product names in all categories. For example, range hoods are now named AiroClear while refrigerators are called CombiCooler.

Do you need support in getting to grips with the new naming system during the transition period? The following resources are available for you to use.


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